Hello there!
I'm Cloé-Naïli, the one woman show behind Chocolat Chaud.
I'm a Canadian artist currently based in Aichi, Japan.
Nice to meet you!♡
Chocolat Chaud is a brand full of dreams, colors and soft things with a hint of witchiness. I created this brand in 2014 to share the things I love with the world, make people smile and add a bit of magic to everyone's daily life. I find expressing myself through clothing very therapeutic and I'd like to encourage people to try it for themselves.
Making my business as eco-friendly and ethical as possible is really important to me! I try to use as little plastic as possible in my packaging and I often re-use materials from packages I receive. I also do a lot of research on the manufacturers I work with to make sure they're treating their employees right. Right now, about half of what I design is made by someone I personally know in my city and the other half is made in a factory I trust (There's also a small part that's handmade by me). I'm just one person and I often feel really overwhelmed by how much I still have to learn about all this, but I'll keep doing my best and improving my business every time I can!